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Penelope is a TV Critic for BBC Radio London. Here is a selection of live audio clips.



An entertaining two minute demo with songs by Penelope Solomon and The Solomon Sisters, clips from BBC Radio London (with Jeni Barnett) and Resonance FM.

November 2017 BBC Radio London with Eddie Nestor. When are children old enough to go out alone? Penelope chats to Eddie Nestor about the dilemmas faced by today’s parents.

January 2017 BBC Radio London with Nikki Bedi. Are you or your kids eating too much sugar? Penelope chats to Nikki Bedi about the perils of children’s breakfast cereals and offers some interesting solutions.

December 2016 BBC Radio London Drive Time with Eddie Nestor. Penelope talks to Eddie about children and parenting in public spaces

KGO-810 radio interview Edinburgh 2016
Sept 2016 KGO.180 Radio at The Edinburgh Fringe. Maureen Langan interviews Penelope about her show.

August 2016 BBC Radio 5 Live Penelope talks to Tony Livesey and Anna Foster about the BBC sitcom season and a Radio Times poll of the best British comedy of the 21st century.

Sound Women Comedy Special Podcast
July 2016 Sound Women Podcast, recorded at Somethin’ Else. (scripted/presented by Penelope Solomon)

March 2016 BBC Radio 4 The Today Programme with Nick Robinson

December 2015 Limmud Breakfast Show –  (Limmud Conference) – Join Hayden Cohen as he chats with the best and brightest of Limmud.

December 2015 BBC Radio 4 The World Tonight with James Coomarasamy

July 2014 BBC Radio London with Maria Mcerlane – Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony and more…

May 2014 BBC Radio London with Helen Fospero

January 2014 BBC Radio London with Harriet Scott

June 2013 BBC Radio London with Gaby Roslin

November 2013 BBC Radio London TV Review with Fiona Philips

December 2013 BBC Radio London TV review on the Chris Rogers and Anthea Turner programme.


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